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Building a new home on your own lot

Finding an architect and building contractor

Discuss your ideas with an architect or building contractorSo you’ve found that perfect block of land and want to build your dream home.

But what the next step? Getting started will take a bit of advanced planning, as you’ll need to check out all the various options available. These options range from having a custom home specifically designed to suit your lot by an architect; choosing the various designed home plans offered by building companies or perhaps even having an existing plan altered to create your dream home.

You should check out each of the above options available and keep an open mind.

Follow the smart steps for finding a good building contractor – conduct interviews, investigate prices and make comparisons, undertake background and licensing checks and obtain references.

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When you’ve decided on a home plan, the real work then begins and the key to getting that dream home is patience on your part.

Building a home from scratch takes time. This applies whether the home is in a subdivision or it's being constructed from the ground up on a remote lot. In the case of a remote lot, however, time may be a little more intensive. Since all the amenities for building aren't readily available on a single home lot like they are in a subdivision build, it may take longer for the process to move from ground turning to house warming.

Build a Custom Home

The logistics of building on your own lot as opposed to a subdivision are many. The site preparation work may take longer, electricity will have to be installed; water will need to be made available and so on. All of these things will likely have to be taken care of before the builder can even get started.

Once you’ve hired a reputable builder, who is adept at dealing with private lot construction, he or she will likely know how to guide you through the process. They should give you reasonable time estimates and may even handle all of the preconstruction details for you. Before you sign a contract with them, make sure you're fully aware of your responsibilities as well as theirs and the process will go a whole lot more smoothly.

It's the American Dream for many to own a home on your own land. But when deciding to build on your own lot, remember a little more patience will be required. In the long run, however, the little extra wait will be well worth the outcome.

Here’s some basic guidelines for bringing in the best contractors before you get started, if you've decided to go it alone when putting on an addition to your home.

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