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Snow removal service

snow removal service and snow removal contractor imageWhen snow and ice accumulate on walking surfaces, the potential for slips and falls greatly increases. It is wise to have an effective snow and ice removal plan in place.

When hiring a snow removal contractor, there are some important insurance considerations. In addition to selecting a snow removal contractor based on a review of expertise, response times and capabilities, it is important that the snow removal service have comprehensive insurance.

You should always obtain several estimates as prices can vary widely depending on the amount of work that needs to be undertaken by the snow removal service. The cost will take into account the layout of your property, the size of the area to be cleared and whether you require shovelling or blowing to remove excess snow from other areas. Of course, you should always remember that the cheapest snow removal service is not necessarily the best.

Options - Snow Removal Contractor

Don’t forget to ask whether there are any additional charges or price options. Sometimes, the snow removal service may want to charge extra during large storms and some snow removal contractors charge by the inch. Therefore, you’ll want to find out how the snow removal contractor calculates the size of the snowfall. Of course, many contractors offer a fixed price for an entire winter season regardless of the amount of snow.

So, you should make sure what you’re getting and find out exactly what’s included in the price from the snow removal service. For example: Are the steps and walks included and what about the cost of the sand and salt? Does the snow removal contractor only clear after a storm or during snowfalls as well ? If he has to come back, are there any additional charges?

You should also ask for references and perhaps check with the Better Business Bureau as well on the snow removal service contractor you plan to use.

Get a written agreement from the snow removal contractor and find out how you can terminate the agreement if you have to.

Be reasonable as a snowstorm can make travelling difficult and therefore the contractor may take some time to reach you.

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